French Drains in Little Rock, AR

With all the rain we get in Little Rock, French Drains work very well to divert excess water away from problem areas. Whether we get heavy rain quickly or lighter rain over a weeklong period, this influx of rainwater can cause and array of issues including washouts and blockages. This can strain many drain systems and affect their efficiency, leading to water build-up and property damage. When installed correctly, French Drains invisibly remove water from areas it can harm.

French Drain installation by a professional Little Rock landscaping company takes the guesswork out of the process. Our experts have years of experience installing commercial and residential French Drains. No matter the area size, we prepare the ground and surrounding structures for drain construction. We will quickly and skillfully install any length of French Drain needed to prevent water build-up around your property.

Why Get a French Drain?

Taking steps to prevent water accumulation is an investment in your property. As you know, excessive water has negative impacts on numerous things. Aside from water build-up drowning your grass and harming your lawn, the subsurface water can lead to expensive problems. Hydrostatic pressure caused by the accumulation of underground water surrounding your home or business applies excessive weight to your foundation. When this happens, it affects the strength of your walls causing them to bow, crack, and leak. A French Drain will help prevent water from having this kind of effect on your property.

French Drain Installation

The process of installing a French Drain involves digging and filling a trench with a perforated pipe and gravel in a manner that will redirect water away from an area. After seeping through the gravel, water enters the perforated pipe and is then channeled to another location. This quick removal of surplus water makes French Drains an easy choice to alleviate water build-up or pressure around areas like footings, foundations, and retaining walls. Learn more about How French Drain Installation Works.

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