Horticulture Services in Little Rock, AR

Professional horticulture combines science and art. Defined as cultivation and management of edible or ornamental gardens, horticulture we make use of both beauty and functionality. Our intricate understanding of this art will keep your landscape full, healthy and full of color. With over 20 years of expertise, we go the extra mile for our clients. Our seasoned team of professionals will make your property the talk of the town all year ‘round.

Motivated to meet your budget, we offer a variety of comprehensive horticulture services. We want to make your life easier any way we can. Find out about our great pricing options for any of our residential or commercial horticultural needs. With flexible scheduling and customizable services, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Years of experience and scientific training have given us the impressive reputation. Our creative experts create beautiful landscapes that feature different color variations that change with the seasons. With a combination of imagination, understanding, and foresight we can create you the seasonal landscapes of your dreams.

Every garden requires some form of soil cultivation during different times throughout the years. The process can be a bit tricky when it comes to balancing cultivation with the biodiversity of the soil. We deliver fast results that won’t harm the life needed for a bountiful garden.

This process can be back breaking work but the results make it worth it. We maintain garden beds, plant beds and flowerbeds to keep them tidy and healthy. Our team will make sure your garden edging, flowers, and foliage stay full and vibrant. 

Beautify your outdoor space without spending the time and energy required to do it. Mulching provides many benefits for your yard and landscaping. However, inefficient mulching or improper planting can have the opposite effect so call a trusted professional.

Maintaining shrubs not only keep things looking great, but also reduce potential hazards. From pest control and pruning to horticultural treatments, we will take care of your valuable shrubs. Our experienced crew also removes any debris quickly and safely. 

We value our commitment to service and our customers. Going The Extra Mile means we want to exceed your expectations, efficiently and flawlessly. Our work ethic gives us an edge over the others because we can deliver the best results based on your schedule. No matter what kind of help you need with the outdoors, let us help you reach your goals.