Reinvigorate Your Backyard: How To Landscape Your Backyard

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Reinvigorate Your Backyard: How To Landscape Your Backyard

With all the different ways to use the space in your backyard, it can take time to find the right landscaping scheme best suited for your area. The best landscape designs for backyards balance beautiful scenery and functional space. You can make simple additions to transform your property into an extraordinary place that you and your family will enjoy. Combined with our tips to make the most of your money when landscaping, you will cultivate success! 

Use Columnar Trees

Using tall, thin trees, more commonly referred to as columnar trees, throughout or along the perimeter of your property will give you yearlong beauty and privacy. These fabulous trees do so much for any yard. They add a stately nature while also providing a welcoming and homey vibe. A mixture of colorful deciduous trees with complementary coniferous trees will keep your landscape looking picturesque no matter the season. You can find many kinds of columnar trees to suit your preferences.

They tastefully frame doorways, pathways and gates, or you can plant a line of them at the edge of your property to act as a noise buffer, privacy screen or windbreaker. These statement trees also make a lovely backdrop to flowerbeds or other landscaping features. With little maintenance and so many benefits, we cannot find a reason not to incorporate them into your backyard landscaping plans.

Design Garden Beds

Border and island beds make up the two primary garden bed types used in residential and commercial landscaping. You can make the garden formal or informal depending on your taste, but either will increase the visual appeal of your property. The contents of garden beds reflect creativity and imagination while also providing a source of natural inspiration.

A border bed refers to the most common type of flowerbed as they run along the border of buildings or structures. These beds vary in length, which will also affect the depth of the border. Usually, the longer the bed the deeper it should be. Island beds are singular garden beds not connected to the borderline of a structure. They can be any shape and usually have decorative trees or hardscapes, like mailboxes, at the center with staggering vegetation working outward.   

Once you select a bed style, choosing flowers and foliage that blend together to fill the garden bed can prove difficult. It takes some time to research the different plant types that grow best in your region with the type of soil you have. Once you understand all of that, you must then select vegetation with coordinating height and colors according to your preferences. It usually works in your favor to share your ideas with a professional landscaping team so they can bring your dream to life.

Fill Space with Hardscapes

Great landscaping encompasses more than just plants and gardens. Hardscapes such as decorative rocks, retaining walls and brick pathways really amplify the view. Plus, many hardscape features like outdoor fireplaces and stone patios create a usable outdoor living space for your friends and family to enjoy. Depending on your preferences, you can add different hardscapes to fill voids in your backyard.

A retaining wall with a French Drain in sloping yards will not only help eliminate erosion and water buildup, but it will also make a great place to grow climbing vines. Pavers or pathways provide easy access to admire gardens and adding a bench will give you a lovely place to relax. With so many options available, adding hardscapes to your backyard has never been easier. It’s a win-win: they look great and increase property value.

Irrigate Gardens and Landscaping

Systems such as drip irrigation or soaker hoses to water your gardens and landscaping proven to be particularly beneficial to plants and homeowners. They save you time and hassle of having to regularly water each plant all over your yard by hand. We suggest drip irrigation for larger gardens with long, straight rows. They work well on sloped ground and last for many years. Soaker hoses work better in smaller gardens on flat ground and raised beds. They may be less expensive when it comes to installing, but they do not survive as long as drip irrigation tubing. When installing or updating your landscape, be sure to consider irrigation methods prior to moving forward. It will only benefit you in the long run.

You have the ability to create stunning backyard imagery that gives you an enchanted place to relax and spend time with loved ones. We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to get outside and reimagine your backyard.

For any additional help, our professionals Little Rock landscape designers are motivated to bring your dream landscape to life!

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