Lawn Maintenance

Choosing a local Little Rock landscaping company can actually save you time and money on lawn care. We take on any project with state of the art equipment, sustainable resources, and dedicated manpower to get any job done quickly and correctly. We offer a variety Little Rock lawn services when it comes to maintenance packages for commercial and residential properties.

We want to make the environment of your home or business a welcoming place. The needs of our residential and commercial clients vary slightly, but our commitment to excellence remains the same. We can structure our property maintenance services to meet any budget so you can keep the exterior of your home or business looking clean, vibrant, and beautiful. Whether you need general residential lawn maintenance or commercial landscaping services, we want to be the team to help you improve the appearance of your property.

Lawn Maintenance Services

With an array of Little Rock lawn services, we can take any yard and transform in into a beautiful landscape! Some of our lawn maintenance services include:

We install new lawns for residential and commercial properties by two primary means: seeding or sodding. A great lawn requires proper planning especially when it comes to new installation. Preparing your lawn for a new install is always the hardest part. We have the equipment to handle all of your lawn prep needs to ensure top quality results.


This method of installation usually costs less than sod but takes a bit longer to establish. However, with a variety of seed blends available for different climate conditions you end up with high quality results. We use differing methods for applying grass seed including drop spreaders and hydro-seeding equipment or a combination of both. Balanced application by a trained hand will ensure uniform growth and result in a nice, thick lawn.  


Sod installation provides instant greenery on command. This relatively weed-free option is usually limited as far as grass types. For the best outcome, sod requires quick application and heavy watering for at least two weeks after installation as it quickly perishes. With the help of our professionals, your sod investment will not go to waste.

Your desire to have a lush green lawn that looks healthy, strong and vibrant all year long can be achieved with proper fertilization. We offer varying fertilization packages to suit your lawn’s needs and irrigation frequency. Using environmentally conscious practices we achieve top notch results at an affordable price. Our commercial and residential lawn fertilization includes the application of formulated liquid fertilizer with optional weed control or other lawn maintenance services.

Dethatching removes dead grass and other obstructive materials that may prevent water and carbon dioxide from reaching the root system of your lawn. Dethatching will effectively allow essential nutrients to flow directly to the grass roots and promote a healthy lawn. We have the tools and blades needed to comb out thatch from overcrowded lawns so that new growth can form. A thick layer of thatch will cause the grass to be spongy and harbor fungus, pests, and insects. Not sure if you need it? Call us to come out and measure the thatch to evaluate your lawn maintenance needs.

Top dressing can benefit your lawn in multiple ways. It helps to smooth your lawns surface by building up the soil and shoring up shallow spots. It encourages thatch decomposition which will in turn stimulate the grass to grow thicker and greener. Top dressing after seeding, overseeding, or sprigging will protect developing plants from desiccation while they establish. We make use of nutrient-rich soil with a similar composition to the existing soil to achieve the best results.

Hydroseeding uses a combination of mulch and seed evenly sprayed onto the soil surface to assist in quick germination and healthy grass growth. The mulch and moisture protect seeds from exposure to wind, erosion and birds, which translates to a high germination rate and uniform turf. The mulch mixture eventually decomposes and returns an array of nutrients into the soil to help your lawn thrive. Our state of the art hydromulching equipment allows our experts to evenly apply the seed slurry to large areas of residential or commercial properties.

The professional application of grass seed over an existing lawn, known as overseeding, will fill in bare spots and reinvigorate your turf. For best results, the turf should be properly prepared to protect seeds as they germinate. We offer an array of commercial and residential packages to combine this process with other lawn maintenance such as weed control and fertilization

Arkansas weather creates the perfect conditions for grass growth, but unfortunately the same can be said for weeds. These vexing vegetation will stand out like a sore thumb in your landscape. We treat for an array of weeds, from common broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and smartweed to chickweed and crabgrass. Homes and businesses alike require weed control keep the area inviting and pest free. We will quickly and safely destroy unwanted weeds from your property. 

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