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Irrigation & Drainage

The ebb and flow of water around your property has many effects on it. Too much water causes flooding and property damage, while not enough water causes the land to become barren, leading to a host of other issues. A whopping 70% of Americans do not know how to appropriately water and care for lawns. Hiring a trusted professional with decades of experience is always your bet. We have the expertise needed to install, maintain, or repair these complex systems quickly and correctly.

When you want easy access of water to your decorative landscaping, lawn, or garden we can install automatic sprinkler systems or subsurface drip irrigation. We also perform larger scale agricultural irrigation services such as center pivot irrigation and surface irrigation. We guarantee our highly trained team will quickly and correctly install or drain any irrigation system to make your life easier.

Our experienced crew also masterfully installs French drains, which as you may know, can be extremely difficult. With so many specifications during construction and possible complications after installation, many DIYers will not even try such projects. We have installed French drains for both homeowners and large commercial properties—such as The Outlets of Little Rock. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Irrigation Installation

We install irrigation systems and drainage options for gardens and landscaping of homes and businesses across Central Arkansas. Depending on your property’s needs, we offer sprinkler systems, subsurface drip irrigation, and french drains.

This timesaving system eliminates the hassle of putting out the hose and sprinkler and then forgetting to turn it off. In fact, you will not even think twice about whether you watered the lawn because this automatic system will remember it for you. This is just another one of the many ways we offer hassle-free luscious lawns at an affordable price.

This cost efficient irrigation system all but eliminates water waste. This system involves installing drip lines below the surface of your lawn or garden to evenly distribute water to the areas that need it most. Professional installation will ensure a speedy process to deliver quick results that won’t significantly impact your water bill. Saving over 70% of water waste, subsurface drip irrigation really is the best environmental option for watering lawns and gardens.  

Also known as weeping tile, French drains quickly and efficiently remove water that would otherwise collect on your property. They prevent ground and surface water from accumulating or penetrating important places like building foundations and retaining walls. Also used to distribute water, such as a septic drain field near your typical septic tank, this design will protect your property and lawn from water damage. No matter what length of French drain you need, we have experience with it all from large to small.

We value our commitment to service and our customers. Going The Extra Mile means we want to exceed your expectations, efficiently and flawlessly. Our work ethic gives us an edge over the others because we can deliver the best results based on your schedule. No matter what kind of help you need with the outdoors, let us help you reach your goals.